Take Me Out To The Ball Game

America’s Pastime has finally arrived and RushKing Promotions is celebrating. So grab these fun Baseball items and head out to the game.

Check out these great products and more at RushKing.com

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Feature Items

Recycled Rubberized Sunglasses

9 Inch Flyers

20 OZ Surf Bottle

Dark Heavyweight T-Shirt 5.4oz.

16 OZ Smooth Stadium Cup

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Spring Has Sprung

Celebrate with these fun products

Brought to you by
RushKing Promotions

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Get Ready For April Showers

April is coming and that means one thing, it’s time to take out the rain gear.

So why not promote your business in style with our fashionable umbrellas? 


Umbrellas are just one of the many must have spring accessories available at RushKing Promotions this season.

Check out our Spring sales at: http://www.rushking.com/category/?catID=54 


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Please Let It Be Spring Sale!!


After an extremely long winter, we at RushKing Promotions are very excited to welcome the warm weather. In honor of this joyful time of year we are proud to introduce some of our fun and colorful products that are perfect for the upcoming season.

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy these spring-inspired deals. May your spring season be full of hope, life and new beginnings.

All the best,
The RushKing Team
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Blowout Sale – Cotton Bag!!

This Spring, RushKing Promotions is having a huge overstock sale on these Cotton Bags:

Check out all of our great custom printed products at RushKing.com

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Is Summer Almost Over?

August 1 and my mind is already on the dismal thoughts that summer is almost over. This year I got the privilege of taking my family to a home in upstate NY for a few weeks. Anyone who knows me knows that my work comes with me anywhere I go. Here I am punching away at my computer from the middle of the mountain areas thinking about how to hold onto summer. Hold onto the moment is key. Lets not rush things and start preparing for back to school and winter yet, even if the store sales will get away. So, thinking about the moment, here are some items that are a MUST for the last minute summer needs. http://www.rushking.com/item/?itemID=U-0111 our umbrellas are getting used over and over, check out RushKing’s entire umbrella category- minimum orders aren’t even that high. Pick up some for your family members with your name imprinted right on the umbrella so you can be sure no one else snags your umbrella. Or how about this item for the hot sunny days http://www.rushking.com/item/?itemID=T-0906  Its brand new and different and not the same old spray bottle.  Price point is pretty decent too.

Don’t forget the water bottles, sun screen, chap sticks, beach towels, flyers, sunglasses and all the other summer favorites. Don’t rush the summer gone. Lets keep it current! Find me if you need any more summer ideas. Till next time!

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Fun Summer Items

With the summer in full swing, RushKing Promotions has tons of unique summer appropriate products to help your customers beat the heat.

Whether you are sponsoring an event, planning a company BBQ or just sending complimentary giveaways to clients, items like logo water bottles, customized T shirts, Koozies and caps make fantastic giveaways.Wine Cooler Bag

Everyone loves great apparel to stay comfortable and cool in during the summer heat, especially with their own logos on it! Help your client stay happy and with our wide selection of shirts!

Our bottle coolers are great summer items to give away. They are available in multiple colors and styles . RushKing carries can coolers, beer cooler and even whine coolers! They are make of fantastic insulated material to help beverages stay extra cool.

Eco Friendly Golf Tees

RushKing also has all the must haves for the summer golf season. Golf tournaments are  great business opportunities, and employees will appreciate a chance to relax and interact with each other during a friendly came of golf.

So hurry and check out RushKing Promotions, because before you know if it the summer will be long gone!


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Fun in the Sun!

Summer is coming sooner than we think… So give your customers products they can use while they relax. RushKing Promotions has great summer items that are affordable and fun, such as beach towels, water bottles, inflatable balls, sunscreen, flyers, and caps. RushKing’s enormous variety of items will send you much promotional success. Their selection of promotional flyers are ready for you to choose from. These flyers are perfect for a wide range of events and promotions. Ideal for any age group, these low-cost items are great for company picnics or any outdoor activity.

Nobody likes to burn in the sun! Protect your skin while endorsing your company with promotional sunscreen, this giveaway is best for outside sporting events and picnics, it will protect your skin while promoting your business.

Promotional caps are another perfect summer promotional item. People love promotional caps, they love the protection that it gives in the hot weather, these caps come in a bunch of fun summer colors appealing to all genders and ages. Promotional caps can be easily customized and serve as a perfect marketing tool for your business.

And for my favorite summer treat, RushKing has fun customizable ice cream scoopers!! They are great giveaways at ice cream parties and company BBQ’S. When people are leaving, hand them a custom ice cream scoop and they’ll always remember your company or store!

Econo Value Cap

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Great Gifts for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is coming sooner than we think, and all I can think of is what to buy my dad on his special day. Every father loves getting gifts, they love feeling appreciated and fathers day is their special day to shine. Whether they choose to spend there time golfing, hiking or just relaxing and grilling RushKing is the best place to help them do just that! Check out RushKing Promotions and you’ll find an assortment of exciting promotional gifts your Dad will love.
• Does your dad love to travel? Check out RushKing’s cool travel bags , travel mugs and lots of fun travel gear .

• Is golf your Dad’s thing? RushKing Promotions has plenty of assorted golf equipment. They have golf towels, imprinted golf balls, imprinted golf tees and even golf bag tags!
• If your dad loves beer then he will love their selection of awesome beer mugs, beer stress relievers and foldable can coolers!
• For the ultimate gifts for your dad, check out RushKing’s BBQ sets.
They are great for gifts for give a ways while promoting your business or even your dad. Check out RushKing Promotions and view their unique and creative gifts for father’s day. Need help finding great gift ideas? RushKing Promotions is your ultimate source of expert gift advice, ideas and inspiration.

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